Fieldwork and Events

Various fieldwork trips have been prepared as a firm part of the summer seminar’s academic program as well as accompanying social events and tours or trips.

All following are included in the total price of tuition fee.

Welcome Evening at Vaclav Havel Library:
Round Table on “Past, Present and Future of Migration” with Suzanne Brown-FlemingHarry Tzimitras, Pieter Lagrou, Basil C. Gounaris, and moderated by Kateřina Králová.

Social Events
Having this possibility, both the lecturers and participants will gather outside the academic grounds for discussions and networking.

Fieldwork: Visual History Archive – Malach Center for Visual History
Fieldtrip to an institution providing access to the world’s largest collection of testimonies connected to the topic of Holocaust. Participants will be introduced to the sources in the archive and gain the experience of their practical usage in the academic field.

Fieldwork: Jewish Museum
Guided tour in an institution collecting and preserving sources, artifacts and memories connected to the Jewish community of Bohemian lands. (

Fieldwork: Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty
Visit to the premises of the world-famous radio broadcasting which was established at the beginning of the Cold War with aim to transmit uncensored news and information to audiences behind the Iron Curtain. The excursion will be accompanied by a discussion with journalist on today´s role of RFE/RL.

Fieldwork: The Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes
Visit to the premises of a research institute that was founded by the Czech government in 2007 with the aim to gather, analyse and make accessible documents from the Nazi and Communist era.

Weekend trip: Terezín Ghetto Memorial (Theresienstadt)
Fieldtrip to a former 17th century military fortress that served as the largest concentration camp and ghetto in the Protectorate Bohemia and Moravia during the time of the Second World War. Guided tour through its site and museum.

Visit to MeetFactory
A non-for-profit international center for contemporary art founded in 2001 by the Czech artist David Černý strives to foster a dialogue between individual genres and to make the current happenings on the art scene accessible to the widest public. The program of MeetFactory consists in four dramaturgic departments (theatre, music, art gallery, international artist-in-residence program). Additionally MeetFactory is oriented on inter-genre and educational projects.

Minor changes in the schedule may occur, if neccessary.