Karin Hofmeisterová

Karin Hofmeisterová is a Ph.D. candidate and teaching assistant at the Institute of International Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University. Since 2020, she has been one of the coordinators of the Malach Center for Visual History. She graduated from Balkan, Euroasian and Central European Studies and also studied at University College London and the University of Belgrade. Her research focuses primarily on religion in Southeast Europe, with a special emphasis on Eastern Christianity. In 2020, she was awarded the prize for the best students and graduates by the Josef Hlávka Foundation. She has published in peer-reviewed journals and contributed to several edited volumes. She is currently finishing her dissertation on historical narratives supported by the Serbian Orthodox Church and its role in memory-making in the post-Milošević period.


Holocaust Survivors Testimonies as a Memory Source

(with Kateřina Králová and Jakub Mlynář)

The lecture and hands-on seminar are designed to link theory and practice in using testimonies as a memory source under the conditions of “digital de-contextualisation” (Pagenstecher 2018). The lecture aims to introduce the major trends in the development of “witnessing” the Holocaust, and present the specificities of large digital collections of audio-visual materials available at the Malach Centre for Visual History. Participants will be instructed in the basic search methods within the USC Shoah Foundation’s Visual History Archive and the Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies. Finally, dr. Králová will demonstrate various strategies of searching, and further employment of testimonies through her own research.
In the interactive part of the seminar, the participants will be divided into small groups and assigned a set of tasks. By comparing and discussing several pairs of interviews from the VHA and Fortunoff archives, they will get a first-hand experience of possibilities and limitations of oral history resources.