Harry Tzimitras

192ed32Harry Tzimitras is the Director of the Peace Research Institute Oslo – PRIO Cyprus Centre. In this capacity, he coordinates research and dialogue activities on the search for a political settlement to the island’s division. He is Associate Professor of International Law and International Relations and also Senior Fellow of the Atlantic Council in Washington, D.C.

Until 2012 he had been teaching at the Istanbul Bilgi University, where he served as the Director of the M.A. in International Relations Program and the Director of the Turkish-Greek Studies Division as well. In Istanbul he was also Adjunct Professor of International Law at Koc University. As a graduate of the London School of Economics and the Panteion University of Athens, he had previously held positions at the University of Cambridge and the Institute of International Relations, Athens. His teaching and research interests lie primarily in the fields of public international law, foreign policy, conflict resolution, Greek-Turkish relations and energy geopolitics. He has published extensively in these areas.


Selective List of Publications

  • Beyond Energy: Remarks about the Direction of Turkish-Russian Relations and Their Implications for the Cyprus Problem, Energy and Integration In the Black Sea Region 18 (2015): 28–38 (with Ayla Gürel).
  • East Mediterranean Hydrocarbons – Geopolitical Perspectives, Markets, and Regional Cooperation (Nicosia: PRIO Cyprus Centre, 2014, eds. with Ayla Gürel and Hubert Faustmann).
  • “The Cyprus Hydrocarbons Issue: Context, Positions and Future Scenarios”, PRIO Report (1. Nicosia: PRIO Cyprus Centre, 2013, with Ayla Gürel and Fiona Mullen).
  • “The prospects for Exploration and Exploitation of Oil and Gas in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean: Some Observations”, in Faustman, H., Gurel, A. and Reichberg, G.M., Cyprus Offshore Hydrocarbons: Regional Politics and Wealth Distribution. Oslo-Nicosia: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and the Peace Rerearch Institute Oslo (PRIO) Cyprus Centre, PCC Report 1/2012.
  • “The Politics of Law or the Law of Politics? International Law vs. International Politics and the Global Challenges in Governance and Sustainable Development”, Global Science and Technology Forum (GSTF): Proceedings of the Annual Conference on Political Science, Sociology and International Relations (PSSIR), 2011.
  • “Alternative Forms of Nationalism: Superiority through Law in Greek Foreign Policy”, in Aktar, A., Kizilyurek, N.&  Ozkirimli, U. (ed.)Nationalism in the Troubled Triangle: Cyprus, Greece and Turkey. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010.
  • “Europe, Nationalism and Turkish-Greek Aegean Disputes”, in Nikolaidis, K., Anastasakis, O.&  Oktem, K. (ed.) Under the Long Shadow of Europe: Greeks and Turks in the Era of Post-Nationalism. Leiden& Boston: Brill/ Martinus Nijhoff, 2009.